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Devo // Purgation

Christians are known more for what they don't do than what they do. But how does purging things from our life help our spiritual walk?

So many things stress us and make us anxious. Some times our lives are so gripped with fear, we can't move. How in the world to let go of our anxietie...View Details

Do you remember the first time you felt the Spirit? That little tug inside. Sometimes its a big pull, sometimes not. But its the first step in to a ne...View Details

If our emotions were given to us by God, what do we do with anger? Is it right to be angry? Why do we get so angry? How do we let go of being angry al...View Details

Devo // Spiritual Growth

Join us on the Journey as begin a new podcast series walking through a christian's spiritual journey 

We have so much. We have been blessed beyond measure and yet we are not satisfied. We often don't even realize how blessed we are. We want more. Not o...View Details

Your habits are perfectly designed to give you the results you have. Want to make a change? Reimagine your habits

Sermon // From The Heart

You are what you love. You can't not love. the question is the direction and order of your loves.

Devotional // Worship

Our lives are much less compartmentalized than we think. Can you imagine someone asking Jesus about his spiritual life? How we spend our time reflects...View Details

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