You have heard it said... That’s the tip off phrase that he is referring to the law and prophets or at least the standing interpretation of the pharis...View Details

Living the life of a citizen of God’s kingdom sets you apart from the world. Jesus warns us in 11-12 that living in a kingdom that is here but not com...View Details

Jesus gives his followers the blessings or benefits of kingdom membership. These are the lifestyle of those who repent for the kingdom is near. If you...View Details

At creation light entered the physical darkness. At the birth of Jesus the light of the world disrupts a world filled with spiritual darkness. All of ...View Details

Joseph has found out that Mary is expecting a baby even though they have not lived together yet.  But, he didn’t know what we know as the readers of M...View Details

We are often perplexed about what God is doing. Especially if something that is happening in our life is completely disruptive. Our reaction still oug...View Details

A tragic situation. The disruption: A Birth Announcement. The announcement is an end to a personal tragedy, but also to national barrenness and pain.

Prayer is the context a believer waits for God’s justice. It is a faithful response of one who suffers to respond with patience and prayer. Instead wh...View Details

Where does conflict and strife come from? Does it not come from desires that are at war within you??

How do you know if someone is wise? In general are we more focused on being wise or avoiding looking foolish? Who are we worried about looking foolish...View Details

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