Devo // The Great Ache

Objects at rest will stay at rest. We have hope for the part of our salvation that is not yet realized. There is a great ache in our hearts for what w...View Details

Note: Today's audio is not up to our standards. We had a piece of equipment fail during worship. Thanks for your grace while we work to repair it by n...View Details

Devo: Empty Myself

Last week, Charlie had a dryer that wasn't drying. Turns out, the pipe was full of water. In many ways, we're like this dryer. Charlie explains   To w...View Details

Almost everyone can see the world is not as it should be, but Christians are called to move beyond the chaos. But how are we supposed to do that? 

Devo // Be Curious

Charlie's the dad of a six year old. As many of you know, six year olds can be difficult, but Charlie is learning to read Matthew. We often think of G...View Details

A new series for Lent! How do you see the world?     

Devo // Dirt

Matthew loves to go out and play in the dirt, but as adults we tend to stay away from dirt and cold weather. We do the same thing with our sins, we ac...View Details

What's love got to do with it?? Senior Pastor Jim Genesse preaches down the hill at Connection and teaches out of 1st Corinthians ch 13.

Christians are different. How we experience the world and death is very different than non christians; but how do we embody the hope the gospel gives ...View Details

Sermon // Relationships

Relationships are hard, especially the romantic ones. But why? Charlie unpacks relationships and how Genesis 3 is the reason. 

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