Sermon // Advent: Love

So much of our world as we know it is difficult, out of place, and not as it ought to be. The things we have hoped for, the plans we have made, the pr...View Details

Winter is here. It's a dark time in the world and for the church, but we hold onto the faith that spring is coming.   

We're back with a new crew as we dive deeper into the themes and promises of Advent

Sermon // Advent: Hope

The world we live in can seem hopeless. No matter how hard we try, we can find our circumstances too much to bear. Without hope it is very difficult t...View Details

The feelings of thanksgiving

Devo // Holiday Sabbath

Man was not created for Sabbath, rather Sabbath for Man

Sermon // Q & A week 2

We're back again with more of your questions!

Devo // Union

What does it mean to become one with Christ? Why do we struggle with control?

Sermon // Q & A week 1

This week Pastor Charlie answers questions from you! Its a true anything goes, from dinosaurs, to how Moses lived to be 950, to assurance of salvation...View Details

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