Archive for April 2021

You can't escape culture, but how do we respond to it? 

Devo // Argyle Socks

Is it God's will for you to wear maroon today? Or would He rather you wear white? How often do we worry and stress over making the right decision, whe...View Details

Christians are more known for what they're against than what they're for. But what does the bible teach about "canceling"? Pastor Charlie opens the ne...View Details

Devo // Seeds

Many of us know the parable of the sower; but let's take a different look at it. Do you know who shared the Gospel with Billy Graham? Probably not. Bu...View Details

Sermon // Easter 2021

He is Risen! not past tense, present. He IS. 

Devo // I must confess

It's one of the hardest conversations to have and one that many of us are not good at it. During Holy Week, on Good Friday, we take a closer look at c...View Details

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